Celebrities and famous stars are an important part of our lives. One may argue that why give importance to somebody else’s life? But it’s not like that. Celebrities are not any person. They are famous and there is a reason why they are famous. They have those amazing skills and talents that made them what they are. There is a lot to learn from their lives and they inspire us all the time. Plus they entertain us a lot. They make our lives entertaining and interesting. 

There are some celebrities we start to connect with due to their past lives, their struggles, or simply because we admire their personalities. When this happens we start to connect with them on a personal level and they become an important part of our lives. We like to talk about them and know what’s happening in their life. And when the entire world is talking about them, it feels great to stay connected and be a part of the discussion.

So if you are into celebrities and want all the latest updates and gossip about them, then here’s a great youtube channel to check out!

LIZ WITH DA VIP BIZ is an amazing youtube channel that brings to us all the burning topics and crispy gossip about our favourite celebrities. Whether it is about your favourite movie star or TV star, or your most loved music artist, or even the sports stars and the super rich, this channel has an eye on them all. 

Cryptos and NFTs are burning topics these days and we have all seen the super-rich spending millions of dollars on silly pieces of digital art. People are even buying digital land in the metaverse. But what happens when scammers enter the game? And what happens when they target big stars? This has just happened with Kim Kardashian. Find out the full story in the above video!

Here’s another interesting video. Apparently, celebrities are also people just like us. And their family life can be just as complicated and dramatic as ours. Except that we all take interest in their drama and nobody takes interest in our life drama 😀

There’s a lot more spicy news on this channel actually. Be it the love life of our favourite stars, their family life, or about times when they behave arrogantly and times when they get in trouble. What happens at their major events and what plans they have for the future. This channel brings all the updates straight to us. So watch these videos, gather all the gossip and have fun.