Gays and lesbians, as well as all other members of the LGBT community, are individuals who have a sexual orientation that is different from normal.  While society’s attitude toward such individuals has improved in recent years, this was not the case for most of human history. These individuals have historically been subjected to discrimination by society. While they have been fighting for their rights all along, some of them found an easy shortcut to living a better life with equal rights. They chose to keep their identities hidden and live among us as normal people. Many of these gays and lesbians have gone on to become successful and well-known people, all while keeping their identities a secret!

However, nothing can ever be kept hidden from the eyes. Secrets are often revealed. And here’s somebody on youtube who reveals a lot of secrets about famous gays and lesbians in history. Meet Thomas Connelly!

Thomas Connelly is a YouTuber who brings to us many interesting secrets about famous people of the LGBT community in history and in the present world. The goal is to show the world that LGBT people have achieved big in their lives. That LGBT people are just like us and we won’t see them any differently if we wouldn’t know about their sexual orientation. The goal is also to entertain us all a little bit with interesting facts and stories. 

So let’s reveal some secrets right now and see some videos from this amazing channel!

A lot of great men and women have ruled various kingdoms in history and they also do so in the present as Presidents and Prime Ministers. But are they always men or women!?  It turns out that they weren’t. Watch the video to find out more.

How marriages work in our society. Men and Women marry each other. Simple.. but is it? There are incidences when gays have married normal women and incidences when lesbians have married normal men. Let’s find out some of the famous ones.

This youtube channel really has great content which apart from entertaining us, also serves to motivate the members of LGBT communities by showing them that many of their communities have been successful and famous. So watch these videos, discover some interesting stories and lend your support to the LGBT community as well.