ASMR is the new trend on youtube these days. We have millions of people watching videos of where the YouTuber is simply whispering in a soothing voice or creating slow motions that are oddly satisfying. It could be anything like shaking a bowl of soup, tapping on a bottle of water, crinkling up a piece of wrapping paper, or shooting water from a bottle.Β 

While a lot of people find these videos really great, others are confused about why videos of people doing simple things are getting so popular. They are popular because they produce ASMR or autonomous sensory meridian response in humans. It is a tickling sensation that we feel which starts from the scalp and travels down our spine making us feel relaxed. ASMR can be triggered by many different things, anything which is slow and soothing. And people really love these videos.

If you are someone who likes ASMR videos or someone who just discovered about ASMR videos and want to try them right now, here’s a really great youtube channel for you! Check out PowderyBarn!

PowderyBarn_ASMR  is a youtube channel that brings to you a lot of colourful and satisfactory videos. They are crazy people. They make and break a lot of stuff and in the midst of all this, you will find fun and relaxation. Their stuff is colourful and they break them all down slowly into fine powders, something that you will love to play with your hands all day. 

Let’s check out some oddly satisfying videos from their channel!

It’s a really amazing video and both the inside layer of mushy gym chalk reform and the outside layer of cornstarch crunchies were fantastic. Watching the video I was also amazed by the fact that the reforms were maintained in a substantial manner. It was really satisfying as well seeing the insider layer getting powered as the outside layers were crushed.

Here is another really amazing video and in fact one of my favourite ASMR videos. The stuff is made from just gym chalk and water. And it is really very satisfying to see the black bars revealing the blue powder from the inside.

ASMR videos are not just satisfying but relaxing as well. In fact, some data reveal that people watching ASMR videos show lower heart rates and a deep sense of relaxation. And this channel creates really great videos which create just the right sensation. They bring us a tingling feeling that makes us feel calmer and less stressed. So for all those looking for relaxation and a great sensation, just watch these videos and have fun!