As time passes, so does the evolution of musical styles and genre histories. Music has always been a part of human life, both on a personal level and as a community as well. However, during the past century, the rate at which music has evolved has accelerated. There have been many new genre styles but only a few of them have made their mark on the people’s hearts. And it’s safe to say that rap music is one of the most successful genres of the last century. In fact, in today’s world, rap music is the most widely played and best-known musical genre.

Rap is about expressing one’s feelings and emotions. It’s versatile, wild and energetic.  Rap music’s popularity has also grown as a result of the rise of the internet and social media. Listening to music from a wide variety of countries and cultures as well as from independent artists is now more accessible than it has ever been. And if you are a fan of rap and hip hop, plus the cool lifestyle that comes with them, then why don’t you check out this youtube channel? It’s got just what you need!

ItsNiqueFreestyles is a youtube channel that brings to you many amazing rap songs and video clips. It’s the artist’s official channel which has been made to showcase some of his best songs, besides sharing his emotions and feelings about his own life and ideas and opinions about the way the world should be. 

The artist brings all his feelings and opinions out with the way of rap songs, through which a lot of other people will surely relate to. His songs have rhythm and melody and the beats are groovy, and that’s why I love them. And here are some of the good ones for you to check out as well!

However, a rapper is not just about songs. He is about lifestyle as well. A life where you face the odds and the pressure of society. But you don’t give in. You live a life where you decide to stay cool and accept the way you are. Where you decided to work hard and achieve what you want and live the way you want. Funky clothes, shoes, cars, money, etc., are the things that rappers are associated with and they grab it all with their hard work. 

ItsNique also shares a lot of lifestyle videos with us including the things he loves, the things he does, his opinions on important matters and many other things. Here’s a cool video of his amazing shoe collection. Watch and enjoy!

This is a great youtube channel for anybody who loves rap and hip hop songs and for those who want to live their life their way. So watch these amazing videos, enjoy the energetic songs and tell us about your favourite rap songs in the comments below.