The technology used in modern games has progressed to the point where players may get a sense of the excitement and adventure that they would experience in real life. The greatest alternative for those who have ideas of being a superhero and battling evildoers, or about being a soldier and battling the enemy with devastating weapons. Particularly some games such as PUBG, Free Fire, Call of Duty, and others like them have the potential to take you on an adventure unlike any other. 

Not only do these games offer graphics and sounds that are very realistic, but they are also good at generating real life like scenarios. The gameplay of these games places a significant emphasis on the abilities of strategic planning and analytical thinking. So apart from having deadly weapons, a player also needs to be clever and fast. And if these words are filling you with a sense of adventure, then there is a great youtube channel that brings many such adventurous gameplays to us. Let’s check it out.

Gamer Rants is a youtube channel devoted to adventurous gameplays and bringing the thrill to all the passionate gamers around the world. This guy has a significant passion for first-person shooter games, especially Free Fire. And through this channel, he brings to us some of his most exhilarating gameplays from a range of shooter games that he likes to play. Also, be on the lookout for the tactics that he has hidden throughout all of his movies; you can find them if you watch the videos with a careful eye.

One of the most exciting video games of all time, PUBG has enthralled gamers across the globe. Players like spending long periods of time playing this shooting and survival game, which has a strong online multiplayer community. For many players, the game’s combination of action and intensity makes for a thrilling and surprising encounter. Watch the video to live the adventure right now.

If you are a dedicated player who enjoys playing shooter games such as Free Fire and others, then you should check out this channel right now. It has a lot of exciting videos filled with some of the most thrilling moments from the gameplay as well as techniques and cool methods that may allow you to do better in the game. So just watch these videos, and then tell us what you think of them in the space for comments below.