Roller coasters are among the most modern and advanced ways of fun and entertainment. And these are getting bigger, faster and more thrilling each year as the technology progresses. Now instead of simple roller coasters that run in circles with high speed, we have various theme parks with various complex and thrilling rides. And if you have a craving for such fun filled and adventurous rides, then we have the perfect channel for you!

Kevins Funfair Videos is a youtube channel that was launched in January 2019 by Kevin. He is a roller coaster enthusiast native to the United Kingdom. Due to his passion for adventure rides, he can’t keep himself much away from them, and that’s why he travels all across the UK to find the theme parks and adventure rides. He videos shoots all these rides and brings their thrill directly to us through his youtube channel.

Adventure rides and roller coasters are not for everybody. Their high speed with various steep and shocking turns causes various changes in the body instantly like increased blood pressure, breathing rate and heart beat, and increased level of glucose as well as various hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Not every person can take this and therefore they don’t enjoy extreme rides. However they can still enjoy a little easy and fun filled rides. 

Whether you are an easy ride lover, or you love extreme and adventure filled rides, this channel has videos for all of you. These videos show you the entire experience of a ride as well as the name of the amusement park from which the ride belongs. You can easily find the ride that is perfect for you and plan your next adventure journey. Even if you are not looking for going to an amusement park in the near future, you can still watch the videos just for fun. Have a look at some of the videos from his channel.

Don’t you feel the surge of excitement while watching these videos? In fact many of these videos are shot while Kevin is himself on the ride. Or sometimes these are shot from outside when he was waiting in the queue for his turn to ride. These videos with an exciting blend of music in the background will throw you in the world of roller coasters where you will feel the same fun and excitement as if you were on a ride yourself. So go and watch these videos and do share what you felt about them in the comments section below.