Germany is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Apart from breathtaking travel destinations and the historic city of berlin, the city is also famous for its various variety of breads, its elegant and hard to resist beer, it elite car companies including Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz all originated in Germany, its fairy-tale style castles, its education system, its delicious cuisines, its trendsetter music and much more. Germany is such a great country to visit and if you are looking to visit Germany for any reason, there is a really good youtube channel for you.

Andi Tinellung is a youtube channel by Andi himself. He lives in Germany and loves his country, a lot. He has been a passionate vlogger for quite a time and a few years ago he got inspired to mix his passion with his love for his country. This youtube channel is a result of that inspiration which he started as a personal vlog on his country Germany.

His youtube channel cum vlog is a great place for you to know everything you want to know about Germany. Whether you are looking to plan your next travel trip to Germany, getting your education degree from the best institutes in Germany, get a visa or permanently reside in Germany, you will get all kinds of information on his channel. The best part of his vlog is that he provides all the information from a practical angle and not like those useless things that you find written in official documents.

Have a look at some videos from his channel!

This is a highly informative video from his channel in which he talks in detail about the ways in which you can get a visa to Germany. He tells us about not one or two but three different ways in which you can apply for German visa so you can find the way which is the easiest for you. He also explains the entire process in really easy language. 

This is another video from his vlog, in which it takes us on a tour of the beautiful city of Potsdam in Germany. He shows us all the amazing places that we can visit in this city and everything that’s amazing about this city along with some practical information.

However information is not everything that you get on his vlog. Andi loves the culture of Germany and through his vlog, he also celebrates the culture of Germany. Through his various videos, be it travel or even information videos, you get to know a lot about the culture of germany. He also celebrates German music of german and has a separate playlist dedicated just to local german music.

If you want any information on Germany or just want to experience the German culture, do watch all the videos from this channel and don’t forget to share your experience through the comments below.