Concerts and parties are like energy drinks in our lives. For a common man, who works hard all week, and deals with stresses of life, parties, concerts and festivals are something that makes him live his life. Having fun at weekend night parties, or attending a concert of their favourite celebrity, makes us really energetic and excited about life. Add to this some good friends, and the enjoyment becomes double or triple, and the time spent becomes memorable. 

Apart from the enjoyment and a fun point of view, concerts and festivals with important celebrities play an important role in building our society. In a life that has become a race to gather more wealth, the importance of music, cinema, sports, and other important art forms can fade away. But these festivals and celebrities help to put the importance of art at the forefront. Celebrities also play a role in spreading awareness about important social issues through their work.

There are a lot of parties, concerts, and festivals going on around the world, and if you missed some of them, then you can catch many of them on this amazing youtube channel we just discovered.

Louie La Vella is a youtube channel that brings to you some of the most interesting moments from many important concerts and festivals featuring famous celebrities. On this channel, you will find videos of many interesting concerts and festivals along with interviews with famous artists and celebrities from that concert. 

Let’s check out some exciting videos from this channel!

This is a video featuring an interview with Lady Gaga, one of the most famous American singers and songwriters. In one of the first television interviews that Lady Gaga gave, she discusses the launch of her career with Interscope as well as the production of her impending smash songs (including Just Dance). At a private reception for the Winter Music Conference, she gave live performances of some of her tracks (Armani Exchange party).

Apart from important concerts, festivals and interviews, this channel also brings to you the enjoyment of many nightlife parties. So that you can relive the excitement and have your dose of entertainment and fun whenever you want it.

This is exciting footage from a Friday night party thrown every weekend at Nava Restaurant and Bar, Richmond Hill, Canada. Professional tv producers are there at Nava, every Friday night in order to film a miniseries and capture some of the most exciting events from the party.

This channel really has many interesting videos that are sure to entertain and excite you. If you are interested in celebrity interviews, interesting concerts and exciting nightlife parties, then you should definitely check out these videos.