Did you know how fast information technology is moving forward? We, humans, have always witnessed how gradually technology has changed in the past few decades. We cannot deny the fact that technology has made our life more digital, easier, and more interesting than ever in human history. Well every second there is something new arriving in the field of technology. Nowadays every county invests billions of dollars in the field of research and development activities just to make our life easier. With this advancement in technology, there is always a debate going on about whether AI will surpass humans. what do you think it will be?

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Nature of Video

The videos of ThatITshow are unique and engaging. They are power house of knowledge. You will learn many things that you can’t learn from books. The discussions can lead you ina different world of interesting facts. Here I suggest the latest fresh a  fascinating videos-

Perpetual Licenses: A Dying Breed or a Hidden Gem? (Episode 16)

You can get to know about. How a Tiny Chip Revolutionized Computing: The Incredible Story of the 6502 CPU.

Bottom Line

In this fast forward moving world, It has helped a lot of individuals. No matter how old or young they are. You have been utilizing technology for a long period. The role of IT is very impactful. It has significantly been beneficial for the industry, schools, organizations, colleges, and many more.so if you want to know more about IT and its possibility shortly, and want to know its history, and present scenario. Don’t forget to watch this amazing YouTube Channel.