In today’s chaotic lifestyles, we all are often too busy pursuing material possessions that we fail to listen to our souls. We all have a spirit inside of us, which if we listen to it carefully, speaks to us about what are the things that we actually need to feel satisfied and happy. Those things may include some love, some material possessions, some moments of calm, some time with mother earth, and a lot more things. But when we fail to listen to our soul, we remain confused about what it is that we actually want. This leads to stress and anxiety in our life. 

In order to be able to listen to your soul, we need to be calm. We need to take some time off our busy schedules, to introspect and devote some time to practices like spirituality, meditation, prayers, gratitude, respect towards mother earth and humanity and so on. And if you are ready to make a change in your life, to make it less stressful and more productive, then here’s a good youtube channel which can help you out!

Spiritual Essence is a youtube channel to help you get ahead on the path of spirituality and self empowerment. Getting complex and useless thoughts in our brain, taking our life in the wrong direction, becoming a home to stress and anxiety, all these are really easy to do in our present world. Getting rid of these things require clarity of thoughts and peace of mind, which can only be attained through spirituality. And in this channel, you are going to find many videos to help you with that. 

Here’s a really important video from this channel that talking abut how being self conscious can help you realise your full potential as a man and do better in every area of life.

But the channel is not just about spiritual practices. There are videos about religion, videos on meditation, videos to motivate you and clear your self doubts, insightful videos on larger issues that the world face, videos to make you a better person and much more. In short, this youtube channel has a lot of helpful videos.

Here’s another great video from this channel that deals with one of the most common problems that people deal with. The problem is overthinking and it is one of the biggest reasons for stress and failures to achieve our goals. Watch the video to learn how to deal with it.

Overall, this youtube channel has a lot of useful videos for anybody who wants to improve his life, be more satisfied & happy, and achieve more. So just watch these videos, improve yourself and share your thoughts about them in the comments area below.