What can be a journey that can satisfy our creative instincts and entice our taste buds at the same time? Obviously cooking. Cooking is just a beautiful activity. That’s why the people who are passionate about cooking are always in search of a new recipe and even those who don’t cook a lot, feel the need of cooking sometimes in their lives.

There is a deep satisfaction that one feels while cooking and a sense of relaxation when you finally get to eat your own cooked food. And the feeling of seeing happy faces of people who enjoy your cooked food is totally amazing. Have you ever cooked and felt that amazement? If you keep cooking from time to time, your answer would definitely be a big yes. But you don’t remember when you cooked for the last time or have never had that feeling of amazement, our today’s youtube channel can definitely help you with that.

Tasty Refuge is a youtube channel that is all about the art of cooking. The channel belongs to a girl, who describes herself as a regular girl who enjoys tasty food. She is not a professional chef or anything, but from her videos her passion for cooking is clearly evident. She knows how to make delicious food and make it look great at the same time. And she also knows how to share recipes with other people in a way that is simple and appeals to the viewer to cook. Let’s have a look at some of her videos.

Whether you’re looking for new recipes to cook just for passion, or there is a special occasion and you don’t have that knack with ingredients, but you still need to cook something great for that special occasion; her videos are perfect for all such situations.

The good thing about these videos is that she not only gives a detailed list of ingredients, but also shows and explains the entire process of cooking that dish in a very simple way. Her recipes are simple and easy to make and the way she explains the process is such that even a person who cooks very rarely can come up with something delicious this time. And there is a bonus part to these videos as well. She shows how to make these meals look good as well and sometimes also shares with us special tips to enhance the entire feel of the meal.

So get on this delicious and creative journey with yourself and the Tasty Refuge and don’t forget to share with us what your experience has been by writing in the comments section below.