In the modern world which is plagued by worsening climate conditions, improving the situation is everybody’s prime concern. And you should know that transportation is among the largest sources of pollution all over the globe. Electric vehicles are much cleaner no matter where the electricity comes from and that’s why they are the future. And in fact, sales of EVs are picking up pace already and many major countries have targets to have 100% EVs on the road in a few decades. 

But EVs are not only about reducing pollution. The cost of running an electric vehicle is significantly less than a vehicle powered by gasoline or diesel. They also have very low costs of maintenance because there are fewer moving parts in them than an internal combustion engine. They have no gears and no complicated controls so you can just steer, accelerate, and brake. Electric vehicles are also quieter than traditional vehicles, which means they give you a calmer journey. 

Overall, EVs are a great means of transport and if you are interested in them, here is a great youtube channel to keep you updated about them!

Electric Mobility is a youtube channel that brings to you all the latest developments that are happening in the world of electric vehicles. Given that EV technology is still under development, every now and then some big companies make new business headlines, some country introduces a new EV policy, some scientist invents a new technology, or some car giant launches a new car model. A lot keeps on happening in the world of EVs and this channel is a great place to stay updated on all of them, along with getting entertained by the interesting videos.

Let’s check out a few amazing videos from this channel!

We talked a lot about the advantages of EVs above, but are there disadvantages? Yes they are and in fact, those are the present challenges in adopting electrical vehicles completely. They take a lot of time to get charged and then they get discharged and need to be charged again. Charging takes time and fast chargers can harm the batteries. And we have also seen batteries blasting. So there are disadvantages. Watch the video to know them all.

Here is another amazing video about a very interesting development in battery technology. Most of the challenges we face with electric vehicles currently are related to battery technology. And that’s why all the major auto companies and other scientists around the world are working really hard to develop new battery technologies to give a boost to the electric vehicle industry. Watch the video to know what this latest development is about and why it’s crucial.

This is a really great channel for anybody who likes to stay updated about EVs or technology and important things in general. The videos are well researched and made in a way that is entertaining to watch as well. So watch these videos and also tell us your opinion about the future of EVs in the comments below.