Technology has changed the world a lot. Rapid advances made particularly in the field of computers have made huge impacts in almost every area of our life. Whether we talk about the world of business and commerce, education or entertainment, travelling or communication, or be in the field of medical science, technology has made huge advancements in the way things are done.

In the field of dentistry, the use of computer aided design softwares, advanced scanners and 3D printers have totally revolutionised what dentists do and how they do it. Today advanced technology has made it much easier for patients to get accurate implants for their tooth ailments and that too at cost effective prices. 

So if you want to know all about digital dentistry, then here’s an amazing youtube channel for you!

Digital Dental Academy is a youtube channel that is dedicated to the use of advanced technology in the field of dentistry. They make videos to acquaint you with the ways technology is changing what dentists do. And not only that it has many tutorial videos to let you understand the new technology and even be able to use it yourself. Whether it is about scanning the teeth, using different CAD softwares, tips and tricks of designing, using 3D printers, and many more things, this channel has it all. The channel also brings you some of the important events and conferences in the field of dentistry.

Check out some amazing videos from the channel. Here they are:

This video is a short but really insightful tutorial on how to enhance morphology and create a better design. Its goal is to improve your learning while also serving as a quick reference guide for everyday work of a dentist. The tutorial is presented by genuine physicians and technicians with extensive digital expertise. These tips will provide answers to questions you didn’t realise you should be asking in order to prevent or solve difficulties you are encountering in your day to day work.

This video reviews a great laptop that comes with capabilities that may help you a lot in designing your dental implants and guides. Watch the review to know if this laptop is the right one for you.

If you are a dental practitioner or anyone with interest in medical sciences, then this channel is definitely a great one for you. So watch all these videos and share your thoughts with us by posting comments below.