Tasty image above, isn’t it? Food is one of the things we like the most, as long as it’s good. And in my opinion, the second thing we like the most is traveling and, if we had to name the most important people in our lives, “family comes first”, as they say. Now, merging all of these together could be a happy family traveling and eating delicious food. And this is why, today I want to talk about such a channel!

“Family Social Food And Travel” is one of the best YouTube channels and is run by Maryam Hussain. In this channel, a couple with their two children visits and eats at different restaurants in Canada and give detailed reviews about drinks, food and customer services. The best part of this YouTube channel so far is that they visit a different restaurant each time and bring some new dishes which you might have never heard of before. The videos give an authentic and detailed review of the quality of food and the services provided at the restaurant, while showing happy family moments and all the clips are put together with a unique, engaging video editing.

The channel is impressive because of the content that is shared in the videos. Maryam Hussain created this YouTube channel on Feb 1, 2019. Within a short period, there are 4.77k subscribers, and everybody is loving the videos of visiting different restaurants which have an entirely different and unique menu. The family belong to Canada. The content is posted regularly; each month, you can find 3-4 new videos. Few videos are 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes long.

Real, family restaurant reviews: some of my favorites

I am a big fan of this family social food and travel YouTube Channel as it has helped me find out some of the delicious foods in Canada which I have never tasted before. All the videos are entertaining, but the ones which I like the most are given below.

  1. Memphis Blues BBQ House | Vancouver

This restaurant review video is recorded at Memphis Blues BBQ House, and the famous dishes were BBQ shrimp, cornbread, fully loaded nachos, beef biscuit with poutine. The cute kids’ reaction made this video my favourite one. The video gave a complete packaged review for food and drinks. Passion and fizz lime and Shirley temple are the drinks. Watch this fantastic video and explore the food you will order when you visit this restaurant. The beef biscuit was the top dish on the list that is highly recommended if you ever visit Memphis Blues BBQ House Vancouver. The overall rating given to this restaurant was 8.5 out of 10. Watch the full video of Memphis Blues BBQ House review and look at the presentation of the food and drinks. It will definitely appeal to you.

  1. Havana Vancouver, Latin American Inspired Cuisine, Vancouver

In this video, this family visited Havana Vancouver, the drinks Maryam and the family ordered included Cheeky tiki, 1212 Fruit Punch and Latte. The best drink was Cheeky Tikki. The dishes covered Muscles Espana, commercial club burger, Avocado Tostones and few others. All the dishes got tasted one by one by all, and comments of every member are calmly recorded in the video. The video is made more interesting with music and dancing stickers for excitement. The video provides detailed information about the restaurant. The best dish award goes to a commercial club burger with triple cooked fries and smoky sauce. The restaurant is rated 9 out of 10. The food and customer services both are outstanding.

  1. Taste of Lahore, Pakistani Cuisine, Surrey

I liked this video because the beautiful family visited a Taste of Lahore, Pakistani Cuisine in Surrey, BC, Canada. The mouthwatering dishes that were served at the restaurant was Aloo Paratha, Garlic naan, chicken murgh cholay, chicken karahi. Goat karahi, beef karahi, Lahori Lassi, aalu Tikki, beef kebab with chatni. All the dishes were flavorful, but Maryam’s top favourite was Goat karahi. Collectively chicken karahi, beef kabab, chicken murgh cholay and aalu Tikki. They rate this restaurant 8 out of 10. Go to the YouTube channel and see the rest with your own eyes.

Final Words

If you are a foodie, you should subscribe to this excellent channel and explore different restaurants in Canada and the food items you can find there. Do not waste your money to find the best dish; instead, go to this YouTube Channel, and you will understand what you need at the restaurant you are sitting in.