The use of three-dimensional animations in this day and age is crucial and groundbreaking. They make it feasible to generate photo- and movie-quality scenes that would be impossible to produce otherwise. The ever-increasing sophistication of this technology has made it a must-have for the animation and gaming industries. It is also becoming more widely available, so more people will be able to take advantage of it.

These days young programmers and content creators are very crazy about 3D animations. In the market also, 3D animations are in high demand. If you want to enjoy amazing and beautiful 3D animation designs, check out this amazing YouTube channel:


CGI ERIC – 3D ANIMATOR is a classy YouTube channel of teenage animator Eric Adams. He is a programmer as well. Therefore his animations are of high quality. The art he created in his animations are highly creative and classy. Eric is a gamer as well. He is into esports, therefore you can also get to watch his gaming twitch videos.

The animations he designs also have gaming touch. Beauty and creativity, everything is A1 in his creations.

Nature of Videos

The videos of CGI Eric- 3D Animations are very creative and conceptual. The use of famous cartoon characters and concepts is very unique and creative thinking. Check out some of its videos:

Eric’s 13 hours hardwork-

Field of Dreams Trailer (Minecraft animation)

3D animations are used in movies, video games, and even some commercials. They are created by skilled artists who use specialized software to create the images. 3D animations can be very complex, but the results are worth it. At CGI ERIC – 3D ANIMATOR, you can get to watch cute, basic, advanced as well as conceptual 3D animations.

Bottom Line

There are many different applications for the cutting-edge medium of 3D animation. It’s flexible enough to be utilized to render photorealistic visuals or completely fantastical settings. Movies and video games also make use of 3D animation. There is a steady stream of new features and enhancements to this technology. So, check out the beautiful creativity of CGI ERIC – 3D ANIMATOR.