The YouTube channel i recently found and wanted to talk about is all about home maintenance, lifestyle, makeup, food, skincare, shopping, mom’s routine vlogs, and so much more. The lady who created the channel is from the United Arab Emirates and crushes all the stereotypes associated with Muslim women. The audience on her YouTube channel is not that big because she joined the platform in 2020, but she has the potential to grow millions of subscribers in the years to come.

Everything you need in one single channel

Everyone should watch the ‘Esraa Attia’ YouTube channel because she has everything stacked in one place, from cooking videos to lifestyle vlogs and clothing hauls to honest life advice. She also posts gorgeous makeup tutorial videos, and as she is a mum, she likes to give new mommies tips and tricks to deal with their kids the right way. And the best thing about Esraa is that she always explains the most complicated things in the simplest of ways.

Most of her videos are less than five minutes long, which most people will appreciate as life these days is quite busy.

Me personal favorites which I recommend you

It’s tough to select a few videos from this YouTube channel because her content is exciting and about topics that I like most. You will have to learn the Arabic language if you want to dig deep into her range though. But for cooking videos or tutorials, she puts up all the ingredients and products with their needed concentrations in English, so that might not be an issue for you. But here is a list of four videos that I love on her channel.

  • Tommy Hilfiger Haul

If you are even a bit like me, you must have an obsession with fashion hauls. I am a sucker for all types of hauls, whether it is clothing, makeup, shoes, or anything for that matter. So, there’s one specific video on the ‘Esraa Attia’ YouTube channel named Tommy Hilfiger haul. The video was approximately 7 minutes long, and in that, she talked about various Tommy handbags, wallets, shoes, and sandals. The best thing is she was telling about the prices, the discount offers, and how you can style them with different items which were terrific.

  • Low-Calorie Colorful Breakfast

Suppose you believe that healthy food is not as tasty as unhealthy food. In that case, Esraa will change your perception entirely because she posts easy, healthy, and delicious food cooking tutorials on her channel with minimalistic ingredients. Most people like me want to eat healthy food, but they don’t want to force themselves into that, unless the food tastes good. Though I like all the cooking videos on her channel, there was one specific tutorial about low-calorie breakfast that was quite colorful. So, I followed that tutorial, and it was a fun experience, and it was so good. It was perfect from the nutritional aspect because it had mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, eggs, butter, mustard, and some spices.

By the way, on her channels there are many more tasty recipes videos like this one. And for someone like me who loves food and arab cuisine, is a blessing.
  • Decide to alter your lifestyle

Sometimes in life, we need somebody to say things that we always wanted to hear, but we’re not ready to admit. And we want a random person to give us the advice without asking too much or digging into our situations. So, there was a specific video on ‘Esraa Attia’ YouTube channel about adopting a new lifestyle and the troubles that come with it. Honestly, the woman is like an elder sister to her subscribers. The video was 3:36 minutes long and was full of emotions and honesty. And I love every second of that.

Now that I have told you all about my favorites on this YouTube channel, I would like you to visit her channel on YouTube. You should subscribe to her, follow her, and tell me about your favorites videos.