Many people around the world love horror stories and movies. They love to feel that terror and thrill that those horror movies arise in them. According to psychology, being frightened from watching horror movies gives people a sense of thrill and adventure. Although horror movies aren’t anything real but just stories, studies suggest that watching such movies may cause a very natural fight-or-flight reaction in people. Because our brain can not fully differentiate between imagination and reality. As a result watching horror movies fills people with adrenaline and euphoria causing chemicals like endorphins and dopamine. This pumps them up and makes them feel like they are actually in the middle of a dangerous adventure.

If you are one such person who likes horror movies a lot, we have a perfect youtube channel for you that is not just about horror movies, but about everything horror and produces all kinds of horror content.

HPUSA TV is a youtube channel by Horror Punks USA. On their youtube channel you will find all kinds of horror related content like horror short films, horror music, horror podcasts, reviews of various horror books, music, merch, toys and many more types of terrifying content.

On HUPSA TV you will also find various original content produced by them and their associates. From time to time they produce various original horror short movies and films which are written and directed by their best team members. And are terrifying enough to scare every single cell of your body. If you enjoy the horror genre, then these short films are a must watch for you.

Horror Punks USA is also on a mission to merge the worlds of music and movies. The people at HUPSA TV are  brilliant storytellers as well as great musicians. All their videos include some of their original music which gives a terrifying feel to all of them. From time to time, they also create various original horror songs with accompanying music videos which you will love to watch and feel the terror surging in you.

Horror Punks USA is creating great quality content for all its viewers and fans. If you are an enthusiast of horror music, horror stories, books and movies, their collectible toys and all other things, you should definitely check out this terrorizing youtube channel. And don’t forget to share your scary thoughts about this channel in the comments section below.