Romisaa and Ans are the characters behind the Naughty and Beauty YouTube channel, starring in most of the videos posted. They are an amazing duo whose content is appreciated the world over and that is why they have more than 2.33K subscribers already. At a tender age, the two have managed to gain fame through their amazing videos.

Romisaa and Ans, the stars of the channel

The content of the channel

Let’s not lie to each other; content is everything in the online space. You lack some and you miss all. You have to be creative more than anything else to get even a single subscriber. The duo behind this channel is at 2K already at their tender age. This tells you how much creativity they harbor and display through their videos.

The two post themselves singing, post comedy videos, and other creations. This has seen them gather a significant audience and you can be sure they’re still going far. As they grow and do more production, they will attract a bigger following. Besides, their ability to entertain will attract the right audience, and soon they will be shining in fame and stardom.

About the Channel

This amazing channel has great content, especially for kids. There are tens of videos posted on the channel and that is why the channel keeps growing in the number of subscribers. Some videos have as many as 50K views while others have just a few hundred views. The different types of content posted by these young ones vary and that is why there is a significant variance in how people respond to these posts.

New channel, but with lots of views already. You might wanna check out one of their lovely videos maybe! 🙂

The channel is only a few months old having been founded on March 7, 2020. Despite that, it has managed to attract a massive number of subscribers and total video views. As I write this, this YouTube channel has about 2.33K subscribers and a total viewership of 499,233. This is according to information on the YouTube channel itself.

What we learn: be unique to grow on YouTube

Perhaps this channel has taught you a thing or two about generating traffic for YouTube channels. One great lesson learnt is the uniqueness of the content produced by the Naughty and Beauty duo. Don’t get me wrong. Uniqueness does not mean doing or producing content that has not been produced before. In this context, it refers to doing what you do in your way.

You often see YouTube channels copying each other and reproducing others’ content. It is for that reason that the number of strikes registered is going up every other day. To avoid unnecessary strikes and your work regeneration, take care of your copyright by registering all that needs to be registered.

Creativity is also key. But as you create content, ensure is copyrighted to avoid cases of losing your work to venomous producers out to take advantage of other’s sweat. Treat every of your post as special as you never know which post will be your breakthrough. As the duo continues to produce amazing work, time will tell how their channel will grow for years to come.


We are in the center of technological advancements and, Youtube, is one of the drivers.

YouTube will be here for the longest time possible. The best thing to do is to get a channel up and start working on it. With time, you’ll grow your subscription and viewership. It is a journey that requires patience but rewarding at the same time. Challenges are and will accompany you for as long as you run your channel. The good thing is there are solutions to each of these challenges. In the end, you can monetize your channel and make money out of it.