The TheKlickerman YouTube channel is about gaming live stream and has an enjoyable vibe to it. The YouTuber is from Sweden, and we all know that Swedish people rock YouTube like no other. One example of that is PewDiePie, who is the biggest YouTuber of all time. Theklickerman is not as famous as him, but he sure has the potential to get there. Though the channel is excellent, it targets the younger audience because live game streaming is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you are into gaming and gameplays, well this channel is for you.

What is a gaming live stream?

People who like playing video games or online games play them in front of a live audience, and for that purpose, they record themselves. A decade ago, there was no such concept, but with time things change. And now, YouTube gaming live streams have become a career option for a lot of people. And that’s great because now people of ages are doing what they like to do. And are getting paid for that on top of that. So, you can also play your part in that by supporting the streams of YouTubers like Theklickerman, while enjoying his videos.

What makes Theklickerman’s YouTube channel so unique?

Theklickerman YouTube channel stands out to me because it has the games I and many people I know like the most. And another thing is that these games are easily accessible to people that love the channel. I’m saying that because I do. People look for the engagement that only a real gamer can develop between the game and the audience. And this is one of those channels that is honestly offering that and a lot more as he follows the path of many successful live stream gamers.

also the channel graphics are unique. I have seen many banners, but nothing like this. I found it simple and unique at the same time

My all-time favorite streams on Theklickerman YouTube channel

Games have multiple genres, just like music, films, or any other entertainment have. So, different people are going to like different games as they are subjective. The gaming streams on Theklickerman’s YouTube channel are Candy Crush, World of Warcraft, Hill Climb, and Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter. And I like and play all those video games myself. But the streams that I enjoyed the most on his channel are:

  1. Galaxy Attack (Hard mode)

Who doesn’t like the Galaxy attack? For those who don’t know about this game, it is about protecting the universe from aliens. And the immediate action you get to do is shooting, which makes you feel like a superhero. The significant part that I love is that you can download the Galaxy attack game on Android and ‘iPhone.’ Which means anyone can play and enjoy the game. But watching Theklickerman play the game on hard mode is a great experience; mainly, he makes it so fun. He made a whole series on his channels made of many episodes, so before you finish all the videos you will have a good time.

  1. Hill Climb daily challenges (RAGNAROK specifically)

Hill Climb is a game that I love and have been playing for years. So, if a gamer like Theklickerman will make streams on it, I’m going to watch it. One of his streams on the daily challenges with Ragnarok is my all-time favorite. And even though Hill Climb’s essence remained the same, there was the addition of some thunder. I love both Avengers and Hill Climb, and if you are like me, you should watch that stream. And to make it better, this guy is a pro at the game. He uploaded a couple videos where he breaks new records, like this one

  1. Candy Crush Saga – Level 101

We all grew up with Candy Crush. And at some point, we all had that game on our phones. And I still have that game, and I play that game with complete interest. So, the Candy Crush streams on Theklickerman was like a Christmas gift to me. There was one specific stream in which he played level 101, which was quite interactive.

With that, I’d like to end the article, and I hope that you’ll visit this YouTube channel and enjoy his streams.