KING FOX RECORDS is a YouTube channel that has some sick yet soulful Spanish music I found a week ago and couldn’t get over it since then. Their playlist is so dope with a little bit of both underground rap and calming classical instruments. So, out of sheer curiosity, I started digging more into their music and the record label in general.

What is KINGFOX RECORDS about?

They are from Acapulco Guerrero Mexico in partnership with MEDIART. And their music is a beautiful representation of the aspiring young and fresh musicians and singers from Southern Mexico. The KINGFOX RECORDS MEDIA is all about producing new music videos and hey have a very unique feature of incorporating art in their music videos.

KF Records are a group of the incredibly talented and artistic team of people who are keen to make exciting music, organize concerts, and dancing events promotion. They are so cool in short, and everyone should check out their music and see if they like it!

What makes their music so likeable?

So, the primary thing about KF Records is that they do the mix of indie and rock music with very subtle rap. And that is great to grab the attention of both indie and rap music.

The beats they have are unique and captivating…it is almost like putting you in trans. In my opinion, rap is not just about the beat, though, it’s the lyrics as well. The voices the record company chooses are pretty impressive, and both male and female singers get to showcase their talent through the platform.

The bass and the tempo of the songs do not make your head hurt. Everything is entirely in a balance, and that’s their speciality. It seems to be a great combination of 90’s Rick Rubin’s rock songs and early 2000s Just Blaze’s hip hop music. And that’s pretty awesome as Spanish songs are a new hit thing and you can see the bits and pieces of Spanish in American songs.

The most-watched song on this planet and YouTube is, in fact, a Spanish song called Despacito. So, KF Records are actually touching new realms and setting a new standard when it comes to Spanish songs.

Top Favorites from KINGFOX RECORDS’ YouTube

YouTube is the biggest platform right now for anyone who has some talent and wants the world to know about it. So, it’s only fair that a record company that has so many talented musicians, technicians, and singers has a platform as well. Though it’s a relatively new channel and they do not have that many of subscribers, but you can see they have a lot of potential. Because why wouldn’t anyone want to enjoy good music? And they already have uploaded so many unique songs that are different and only have one resemblance between them: Good music and vocals.

Pictured their facebook page, source of some of the info I found about this record label

Here is a list of my favourites from KINGFOX RECORDS’ YouTube channel that I want everyone to listen to.

Mis Delirios – Ache Plaka

Mis Delirios or Mis Delusional was my favourite song on their channel mainly. Because it’s quite interesting to listen to a female vocalist in a rap song, especially when she is not even rapping. So, I would highly recommend this song to everyone. Unique.

No Te Olvidare – Mc Flex

No te olivedare was my second most favourite soundtrack based on pure emotions and feelings. It started with a very soothing voice, and the music remained the same with the addition of a subtle beat. There were portions in the song that was so peaceful that I got lost in it and of course the rap moments were cool too.

Sube y Baja – Ache Plaka

Sube y Baja means up and down, and it’s the perfect depiction of how the song will make you feel. It starts on a very nostalgic classical note and 25 seconds in the video you will discover the real magic. The song is a continuous rap but with the background music of trumpets and drums, which is so refreshing.

So, these were my top 3 favourites from the King Fox Records’ YouTube channel. Go check them out and tell me what do you like the most!