Card games have been a popular form of entertainment for many generations and have always been a fantastic way to pass time. They are affordable, compact, and social, and it is simple to pick up the rules for playing them. However over time, cards have evolved into a lot more. And today there are various types of cards available from elaborate and exciting pokemon or yugioh card games to high value collectible cards like baseball cards.

Collecting trade cards has been a popular hobby for well over a century now, and it continues to attract a lot of enthusiasts. Baseball cards are among the most famous trading cards, but there are numerous other varieties as well. There are cards for different  sports, there are game cards and entertainment cards as well.

It’s all about the rush of the pursuit. Whether you’re eight years old or eighty, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of tracking down a rare card  and finally putting it to your collection. And if you have an interest in collecting cards then here’s a great youtube channel which you should definitely checkout!

The O’Haver Family Adventures is an amazing youtube channel by the Haver family. On this youtube channel, they show us many videos of the exciting adventures they do and the fun times they spend with each other. They are also huge fans of Disneyland and enjoy talking about all things related to Disney. But most importantly, they are huge enthusiasts of collecting trading cards. They enjoy purchasing Pokemon and sports trading cards to unwrap and share them with everyone on their YouTube channel.

Let’s checkout some interesting card videos from their channel!

There is a lot of craze for baseball cards everywhere. They are loved for their association with a popular player and several other factors. Factors like condition, faults, rarity, and print variation are all very important and have a role in determining their value.  Autographed baseball cards are in even high demand by collectors. Players receive payment to sign trading cards, which makes these cards very rare.

Pokemons are these amazing little creatures that look cute but possess powerful combat abilities as well. Pokemon are loved by everybody and people really want to own them. While owning real pokemons is not possible, the craze for pokemon cards is high and people love collecting them.