Are you a big fan of movies? Or maybe we should call you a movie geek? Whatever we may call you, but if you have an interest in movies, and you like to watch all of them and talk about them, then you are at the right place. 

Albert Einstein believed that imagination is more important than knowledge. And movies are the most complex and the most beautiful manifestation of human imagination. Movies represent our art, our culture, our lifestyle and our dreams. Movies take us to unvisited worlds, tell us untold stories, and give us all great entertainment of course. And that’s why people love movies a lot. Some people just watch them for entertainment, while some are passionate movie lovers and like to know all about them. However, you would find barely anyone who doesn’t like movies at all. So today, for all those who love movies, we have found a perfect YouTube channel!

Movie reviews and more!

The TTFT Show is a youtube channel that is all about films and movies. The TTFT show is hosted by friends, filmmakers and movie geeks Taurean and Durden, who love to talk everything about movies. From interesting facts about movies, to movie reviews, lists of best movies in different genres, in-depth discussion on complex plots, discussions on the cast, interviews with various filmmakers and actors and whatnot, you will find everything on this channel.

Let’s see some interesting videos from this channel!

This is a video from their channel in which they discuss various hidden and interesting facts about the movie black panther which most of us probably didn’t know. way tell about how some of the most amazing scenes were shot, what’s the secret about the dress of Nakia, who is behind the voice of the AI and so on. They have truly done detailed research on this one!

This is another interesting video from their channel in which they review the movie ‘Doctor Strange’. The best thing about their review is that, unlike the reviews done by various critics who seem to be speaking their own language, their review is more like what common people think about a movie and they put their every thought in front of us frankly.

This is a great YouTube channel for anybody who loves to watch movies.  Whether you just watch them for entertainment or are truly passionate about movies, you should definitely watch the TTFT show and you will surely love it. So subscribe to their channel, watch their videos and tell us what you think about them in the comments below.