Today I want to talk to you about a special channel. A channel that was founded on Nov 17, 2017. Since then, it’s been an interesting journey with the platform attracting 1.85K subscribers until now. During this period, there have been several video uploads attractting a massive 53,206 (and counting) overall views.

This year started on a low (as for everyone!) but along the way, solutions came up. One of major comebacks of 2020 was the Zoom meeting. The admins of this channel organized Zoom meetings and shared the same on the channel for the benefit of their subscribers and any other interested persons. The sessions were spiritual mostly and tend to benefit those in attendance.

Religion is a sensitive issue. Members of different religions throw jabs at each other trying to prove a point. Having a platform like this sensitizing the masses is a huge step in demystifying some myths about particular religions.

Their videos are interactive and shed light on trivial religious matters. Mass education helps inform the society and influence proper decision making. These videos also instill fine values to viewers and push them to lead a righteous life. That makes this platform an influential one and for the right purpose.

In short, this channel helps out the community and the world.

But what is really special about the channel, is that they merge great, catchy music with religion. They uploaded a couple great songs on the channel and, just the other day, they released a new song which is killing it, with 20k+ views already.

I personally think that is a beautiful and unique way to deliver a religious message.

Here you find the song which I really recommend you to listen. It really won’t get out of your head! 🙂

This was my favorite one, but if you visit their channel you can find more great Christian Telegu songs!

The subject of the channel

Let’s get a bit more technical, something that I love to do with channels I like.

Most of the posts are Christian like and religious. Clearly, this channel is mean for a particular group of people. This channel may not be linked to any other but it has a huge community of diehards. Perhaps that is one of the reasons most of their videos hit thousands of views.

Every YouTube channel available online has a main agenda. This one, just like any other channel, has its agenda too. The main objective of this channel is to spread the word as well popularize St. Paul’s Evangelical Telugu church. About the matter you can see a five minute intro pinned on the channel’s homepage.

The pinned short clip posted just a month ago now has more than 20K views. As time goes by, the number of views goes up as well as the number of subscribers.

Some of the uploaded videos were streamed live while others recorded. This mix allows the channel to capture the attention of both who love live events and those who prefer recorded, more curated and shorter videos. Without, of course, forgetting the Christian Telugu songs which are in my opinion the coolest thing about the channel

Their growth Strategy

What I find interesting other than the content, is the growth path and strategy of this channel.

Growing a YouTube channel is a mix of quality content and other digital marketing undertakings. It is easier to grow a YouTube channel that has appealing content. The SOS3 TUNES OF HEAVEN is not only appealing but also specific to a particular audience. For that reason, the channel gets new followers every other day. For instance, this channel was able to grow in subscription from 1.13K to 1.85K with a week or two. That shows you how fast you can grow your following.

The growth rate can be faster with time and more content. Some subscribers spread the word of how good your channel is and in the process you land new subscribers. With dedication and hard work, this number could grow exponentially beyond your imagination.

The production team of this channel also shares diverse content but similar objectives. This has also kept their viewers coming back since the content is unpredictable!