Art and creativity are an important aspect of life. Art, creativity and hobby, is not something that we do for money, or for anybody else. But it is something that we do for ourselves and therefore it enriches our soul.  When we indulge in any creative task, it activates our mind and makes us happy from within.

Taking some time off to enjoy our hobby creates a positive energy around us that keeps our mind healthy and productive. It helps to ward off all the sadness and negative or wrong thoughts in our mind. It even makes us and people around us happy and inspires them as well to take some time off just for themselves. And the youtube channel that we are discussing today also inspires us to do the same and explore our creative sides.

“Beths Art Journey” is a youtube channel by a pretty woman who is exceptionally creative. She has got skills in knitting, crochet, cross stitch, acrylic painting and even gardening. She loves to give time to all her hobbies and through her youtube channel she shares all her artistic creations with us.

Have a look at some of her videos.

In the above video (or left, depending on your device!) she shows us her crochet creations. Her creations are actually beautiful. And seeing that adorable crochet made doll makes us think that she has mastered this skill. In another video on her channel, she also shows us tutorials on how to get started with crochet. So if you also want to make beautiful artworks with crochet, go watch that video now.

Below is another video from her channel in which she shows us her beautiful painting collections. 

These artistic creations not only make us feel happy, but also help us to decorate our homes and also make a lot of beautiful and useful stuff. Besides, her channel is a place for all the artistic people to share their artworks and also improve together. We can learn from her skills and she also invites us to give our views on how she can improve hers.

Present life is excessively focused on mobile phones. We pass a lot of time scrolling our social media feed. It makes us inactive and our body and mind unhealthy. So instead of wasting your time this way, you should be more creative. Watch her videos and dont just watch them. Instead take some time off from today’s hectic lives and explore your own creative sides and find your own hobby.