Unleash the power of music and prepare to embark on a journey through the captivating world of DJ Menny Amran. With his exceptional talent and unwavering passion, Menny has transcended boundaries, seamlessly blending genres and captivating audiences worldwide. From his humble beginnings as a DJ in Brooklyn to becoming a pop artist and YouTube sensation, Menny’s musical prowess knows no bounds. Get ready to dive into the vibrant beats, heartfelt lyrics, and infectious energy that define Menny’s captivating sound. Join us as we explore his rise to stardom, his unique style, and the profound impact his music has on listeners across the globe. Brace yourself for an unforgettable sonic adventure with the remarkable and creative DJ Menny Amran.

Menny Amram

In 2018, Menny had the opportunity to meet Sony producer Mike Gonsolin and collaborated with other renowned producers. Menny’s collaboration with Mike Gonsolin, who works at Trend Def Studio, a distribution partner of Sony Music Group, led to the release of their single “Wings” in 2019.


Menny is not only a gifted singer, but his songs have the ability to uplift and energize the listeners. His music resonates with the audience, establishing a deep sense of connection and attachment. One of his most beloved songs, “Level Up,” can be found on his YouTube channel, along with another popular track called “Wings,” featuring lyrics like “I am far from the ground / a little bird tries to fly” that carry a profound meaning.

In an era where heartfelt songs are hard to come by, Menny stands out as an underrated artist who consistently delivers meaningful music. Despite not being from America, he managed to establish himself in Brooklyn through his relentless passion and determination.

Apart from his musical talent, Menny has a distinct fashion sense that can be described as the “Menny Style.” He launched his YouTube channel in September 2016, which has now accumulated an impressive total of 1,879,856 views. Furthermore, Menny’s optimistic and confident personality shines through his songs and lyrics, setting him apart from others in the industry.

I cannot speak highly enough about this remarkable individual. I highly recommend visiting Menny’s YouTube channel to experience his music firsthand. To learn more about him, you can also follow his Instagram and Facebook profiles. Once you explore his online presence, you will realize that I haven’t exaggerated anything in this article.

Currently, Menny is performing in various concerts, providing an opportunity for fans to witness his talent live. So, if you’re interested, attending one of his concerts would enable you to see his abilities with your own eyes, rather than solely relying on internet recommendations. Don’t forget to support him by liking and subscribing to his channel as well.