First, why should you use Royalty Free music?

Not simply because you can monetize your video and keep safe from unexpected copyright claims or strike, but also because – as Google states…

Creators should only upload videos that they have made or that they’re authorized to use. That means they use content in their videos that someone else owns the copyright to, such as music tracks, without necessary authorizations.

For this matter, to help content creators YouTube created the YouTube Audio Library to help them use audio content safely by providing free “high-quality music and sound effects.”

We are certainly thankful to YouTube, but the music of the library is basic and doesn’t cover all genres. It is good for couple videos or if you simply need a low volume background music, but if you wanna get quality royalty free music there are better solutions.

Why you should use Royalty Free Music

Exemple: a YouTube fitness channel, a video… and let’s not forget the star of the show: quality videos with clear instructions and some great fitness (and fitting) music.

The human mind enjoys audio – we are hardwired to pick up and react to things such as pace and highs, which gets into our body which then reacts to exercise. That is the exact reason why nobody would like to choose a Zumba course with no playlist of great upbeat songs.

Studies (like a recent one from Scientific American) have demonstrated that music helps us run further, bicycle longer, and swim quicker than normal – often without understanding it.

Music enriches a workout session in numerous ways, but one of the very obvious reasons is the fact that it makes a workout more bearable, because we love music. Plus, sometimes they give us energy too!

Our entire body is shaking from the previous set of squars, however, a fantastic tune may continue to keep our mind distracted from this stress.

That is why songs should be a huge portion of your work out videos…same as any other video. Because we LOVE music.

And the better the music is, the more we love it.

That’s why if you want to monetize and stay safe on YouTube, and make your videos better, the best way is to get some nice royalty free subscription to make the process better.

Also remember that there is a difference between free audio for YouTube videos and royalty free music.

Free music means you can just download the songs at no cost, but it is not always free to use. You may face copyright problems.

Royalty free means it is free of any royalty charges. You need only to credit the author, to purchase it, or neither of them depending on the situation. But you can monetize them.

Royalty-free music for YouTube provides a cost-effective, legal alternative. Once you purchase a royalty-free music license, you will never have to pay additional fees to use the track in your online videos.

Here, our best selection…

The best websites to get royalty free Music for your YouTube videos

Some of them need a subscription, others are free!


Hooksounds is a distinctive, well-curated music website that provides a number of original tracks, written by exclusive artists from throughout the world.

Most online content creators are Searching for contemporary, stylish, unique music and that is precisely what HookSounds supplies to its viewers

Among HookSounds’ main goals is to produce non-generic music which you can not find anyplace else.


Aiming to provide YouTubers ultimate creative liberty, Artlist was set in 2015 and initiated the single audio licensing industry’s change to the subscription-based version.

Artlist removed all constraints from audio permits, permitting unlimited downloads and unlimited usage for a fixed annual cost of $199 (a value of only $16.60 a month).

Additionally, any song you download while having an active subscription is yours to use forever.


Allows you to purchase tracks to use in an unlimited basis, and in almost any way you prefer. This is a very straightforward alternative for anyone seeking to market their content on YouTube, Facebook or another social media.

Their site is super-friendly also it really enjoyable and easy to browse songs. Definitely one of the favourite places to find some cool music.


Made to allow you to use all sorts of excellent music without paying extra charges, TakeTones serves its function since 2014. This website is a treasure for all those who understand the significance of excellent music to the movie’s background.

As well as providing its customers with absolutely free audio, TakeTones helps you to save lots of time. To begin with, the website is native in utilizing and contains a contemporary search program and filters which permit you to locate a needed monitor in a matter of 2 minutes.

Secondly, the audio is created particularly for commercial usage, which means that you may locate a monitor of any length you want and save yourself from editing it.
We’re certain you will like it!


Mixkit is a library of astonishing stock music that’s totally free to download and use on your next movie project. Developed by some of the world’s most gifted artists, all these curated music tracks have been royalty-free and may be employed with no attribution or sign up. Mixkit’s free monitors are all set to be utilised in YouTube videos, desktop, podcasts, and internet advertising.

They also have a package of free movies and Premiere Professional templates, ideal for YouTube video founders!

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound was created in 2009 with the only reason behind making prospective outcomes and benefits around music in most phases – both for the artists who make music and the creators using it.

The best things are a very large libray and one month free to try their service.


True to its title. Significant inventory of free songs.
Countless free tracks in a variety of genres.
Formats Offered in MP3, WAV, & AIFF.
No attribution needed.

You will find countless YouTube channels using these sites and playing a variety of genres of music in their YouTube channel and never receiving any copyright claim.

If you would like to use copyright free music to your parody video, we recommend to pay for it, or use some royalty free track from YouTube but be aware that someday you might receive a claim, while with those libraries you are covered forever.

To get the entire collection of artists and tracks which are copyright friendly, take a look at this listing curated from wholetsplay.

If you’re unable to discover the conditions of usage subsequently contact the artist through email or try to contact them to get a usage permission..
Films clips –
Once we speak about films, then almost all significant movie studios have put up their own licensing branches. The majority of these branches allow for fundamental licensing via the studio’s web site. Below are a few of the links into the movie studios.

On a final note, here are a few YouTube channels which offer free royalty music for industrial usage. Do always check the terms & conditions before using, but these channels sign contracts with the featured artists and you won’t have any problem in the future using their tracks. They are free forever.

YouTube Royalty Free Music channel

  • Spinnin’ Copyright Free Music
  • NoCopyrightSounds
  • Magic Music
  • Breaking Copyright
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